Tournament Flyers

Avared Two Bowl Triples

Download the Avared entry form 23-24 here


The Bairnsdale Bowls Club hold five Major Tournaments each bowls calendar year. The Avared Triples, Bill Slater Triples, Classic Pairs, Eastwood Retirement Ladies Medley Pairs & Cooper Ladies Triples.

Avared Triples

Pictured: Winners 2023

Brad King (Paynesville)
Michael Better (Lindenow)
Peter Fiske (Paynesville)

With our sponsor Leeanne Ulanowski

Bill Slater Triples - 2023

Bairnsdale BC had assembled a quality field for this event and it was great to see three full greens.

With the inclusion of former Australian player Barrie Lester, current Victorian State player Anthony Flapper and a number of region and club champions throughout the field there was plenty to watch from a spectator's view.

The result was something that has never happened in the 16 years of running the event.

At the conclusion of play we had 5 three game winners, but the top 2 both scored 62 for and 31 against, giving them 59 points, the margin was also 31points and the for/against was 2.0. resulting in a dead heat for first.

Joint winners Barrie Lester/Stephen Sroczynski and Brad Montant, Anthony Flapper/Wayne Morris and Mark Challman

Third on three wins 59 points and a margin of 19 Simon Edgell/ Frank McStea and Andrew Franke

Fourth on three wins, 58 points and a margin of 22 Daniel Hudson/ Trevor Melotte and Stewart Payers

Fifth on three wins 57 points and a margin of 26 Dennis O'Keefe/ Geoff Woodward and Russell Lambourne

Best first game Barry Lake/Trevor Selwyn and Col Sanderson

Best second game George Lambos/Simon Kiss and Greg Flower

Best third game Peter Rowe/Kevin Deery and Brian Casey. 

Joint winners -  Barrie Lester/Stephen Sroczynski and Brad Montant

Joint winners - Anthony Flapper, Wayne Morris and Mark Challman

Classic Pairs

Winners 2023 - 24
John Stephenson (Sponsor) Eastwood Retirement, Matt Ferrari (Traralgon), Vincent McIlwain (Traralgon),    Peter Camera (Sponsor) Crowies Paints 

Coopers Lady Triples

Winners 23-24

Natalie Lambos, Jo Martin, Anne Kuhn, Bill Cooper (Sponsor) 

Eastwood Retirement Ladies Medley Pairs

Winners 2023:

L. Flynn and K. White.